Ethical Money Pty Ltd was launched in 2009 to deliver a range of ethical investment options and services to Australia. Whilst the principle of ethical and responsible investment is well established in Australia, we believe that we bring something unique and quite different to those who wish to invest in line with their principles.

Ethical Money's founder, Lee Coates OBE, is one of the UK's most respected experts in ethical and socially responsible investment. Lee has lectured internationally on the subject of responsible investment, has created some of the world's most innovative and interesting responsible investment products and is one of the highest awarded financial planners (holding ISO22222 accreditation).

Ethical Money Pty Ltd brings values and money together, offering unique investment opportunities for responsible investors. A series of funds are planned for launch to meet the specific needs of different groups within society; all too often ethical or socially responsible funds try to be "all things to all people" and actually end up being suitable for no one; the ethical values become so generic that they do not relate to the personal views of individuals.


Ethical Money's aim is to "seek out and develop partnerships with the very best individuals, businesses and groups" which can provide value and service to our customers. We do not believe in the "do it yourself" view adopted by many companies; it is more efficient to work with others who are experts in their field and to bring this expertise to our customers. This philosophy guides us when establishing relationships with other entities in connection with the offer of superannuation and investment products to customers.

Ethical Money will seek out relationships with the best fund managers. This allows us to work with specialist managers in different areas, bringing the best experience and knowledge from around the globe. Some managers are experienced in Australian equities, others in Global Fixed interest and others are specialist investors in companies providing solutions to climate change.


Ethical Money has partnered with, in our view, one of the world's most experienced ethical research companies - UK based Ethical Screening (www.ethicalscreening.com). This company offers access to corporate data on a global level, assessing corporate activity in quoted companies based anywhere in the world. Uniquely, Ethical Screening is experienced in offering 'issues-based' research.


Ethical Money Pty Limited is committed to holistic ethical values; we believe that it is important to share our success with the wider community. Ethical Money pledges to donate 5% of our net trading profits from services it provides to superannuation or investment funds to not-for-profit groups and charities operating in the areas most closely linked to each of the funds. For example, in relation to, Cruelty Free Super, which is concentrated on animal welfare issues, Ethical Money will donate 5% of its profits from acting as promoter of the fund to animal welfare groups in Australia.