Ethical Investment Management

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The Ethical Investment Management Service is Australia's first dedicated investment offering for those who wish to have their money invested and managed ethically.

Whilst there are many and varied ethical, sustainable, responsible unit trusts and managed funds available, to date there has been no specialist investment management service able to combine the experience of investment managers, independent ethical research and the knowledge and expertise of one of the world's experts in responsible investment.

The service has been established to support the needs of high net worth individuals and those with Self Managed Superannuation Funds together with Charities and Not-for-Profit groups who seek an independently managed investment portfolio with a set of bespoke ethical criteria which match the investor's values.

The proposition is not a broad financial planning service; it has been designed solely to deliver the best focussed fund management and bespoke ethical screening service to customers.

This makes the service unique and allows us to bring together the most relevant experts necessary to produce the most effective outcomes.


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Grosvenor Pirie

Grosvenor Pirie Management Limited (Grosvenor Pirie)

Grosvenor Pirie Management Limited (Grosvenor Pirie) provides a range of investment management, fund administration and service options across the superannuation and non-superannuation sectors, by tailoring solutions for companies and individuals looking for realistic outcomes, value and service from an independent organisation.

The company was established in 1983 and its offices are based in Sydney, with core operations supported by a comprehensive network of team members, each with specialist expertise in the areas of investment management and administration, incorporating core service functions of compliance, reporting, audit, legal, and accounting.

As a respected company with more than 30 years’ experience in the financial services industry, Grosvenor Pirie has an established track record assisting clients to meet their long term investment objectives by actively managing Australian equities and fixed interest securities.

It has built an enviable reputation based on providing a focus on absolute returns, regardless of market benchmarks.

Ethical Screening

Ethical Screening

Ethical Screening was established in the UK in 1998 and is run by a dedicated team of responsible investment specialists with a wealth of experience in fields ranging from financial planning to environmental and social research.

Ethical Screening’s services enable individuals, charities, not for profit groups, Trusts and ethical businesses with concerns about the sort of activities their investments might be funding and profiting from, to avoid activities that conflict with their ethical values by investing in companies whose activities make positive contributions to society and the environment.

Our detailed research and analysis of company activities covers the diverse range of corporate activities which concern responsible investors - from human rights to environmental exploitation and animal welfare.

The company is independent of influence from organisations and agendas which aim to achieve particular social, environmental or political goals.

The range of issues covered is directed entirely by the requirements of clients. Research and analysis is aimed at determining whether a company is involved in a particular activity and the magnitude and significance of that involvement.



Once we agree on the investment objectives, we develop and manage a strategic master plan which is reviewed in line with changing market conditions, importantly providing flexibility to lock in opportunities when they arise.

Primarily we:

Grosvenor Pirie’s risk control measures:


Screening is a procedure for vetting companies as part of the ethical or responsible investment process.

The ethical screen is performed in addition to the financial analysis conducted by you or your appointed wealth manager.

Screening excludes from investment those companies whose activities conflict with a chosen set of criteria; and approves for investment those companies whose activities do not raise ethical concerns, or have positive social or environmental benefits.

In addition to identifying core activities such as the sale of weapons or tobacco, which conflict with specific ethical concerns, the research and analysis behind the screening process takes into account the positive measures, such as policies, management systems and initiatives, which are implemented by companies to mitigate their environmental and human rights impacts.

Ethical Issues:

Ethical Screening's research and analysis encompasses both positive and negative issues with screening criteria covering a broad range of social, human welfare, environmental and animal welfare concerns.

The positive issues that Ethical Screening investigates cover products and services with environmental and social benefits and examples of business practices which demonstrate responsible behaviour towards the environment, human rights and animal welfare. Positive issues are used in combination with negative concerns to achieve a balanced approach to screening, particularly in the areas of environment and human rights.

Positive issues covered by Ethical Screening include:

The negative issues that Ethical Screening looks at and the ways they are viewed have developed through involvement with investors and investment professionals over several decades. This process evolves continuously to take account of emerging issues and feedback from clients.

The negative issues covered by Ethical Screening include:


There are no initial or establishment fees for the service.

A single annual management fee is charged as a percentage of the value of each client's portfolio. By charging a percentage rather than a fixed fee, all parties are remunerated in line with the changing value of each client's portfolio, reflecting the long term nature of the arrangement.

This is preferred to the fixed fee approach, where there is no incentive to provide the best complete package, as the fee will be paid irrespective of investment results.

The minimum portfolio value to open an account is $500,000 and the maximum annual management fee is 1% (Ex GST). The annual fee covers the full range of services offered by Ethical Money, Grosvenor Pirie and Ethical Screening. For larger assets the annual management fee reduces on a sliding scale.